Trees for Water

Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh

40,000 Trees Adopted by DCB BANK for the FY 2019-20

Project Purpose
Trees for Water

The project is located in the villages of Dharukhedi, Kashipura, Raamjipura, Barudmall, Chhipipura and Shahpura, Khandwa district situated in Madhya Pradesh.


  • Revive the Narmada river, that forms the lifeline for the people of the area.
  • Develop quality of the soil and moisture holding capacity of the air.
  • Protect marine life that supports the livelihood of the people and forms an important part of the biodiversity of the area.
  • Protect the local community from the devastating effects of disasters.
  • Provide the local community with Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) as an important source of livelihood.  

Why trees?
An article published in the Hindu, titled “Narmada in spate, forces called in for relief” dated 23rd August, 2013 mentions the devastation possible due to the floods caused by the river. The trees prevent soil erosion, improve soil quantity and water retaining capacity as mentioned by FAO. Flora & Fauna International explains the loss caused by natural disasters like floods that not only causes devastation to human-life, but also affects animals. Agroforestry World mentions that trees act as a buffer against disasters and the effects of climate change. FAO mentions the functions of the trees in protecting the water bodies from pollutants and other degenerative forces. A paper titled ‘Does Deforestation Lead to Drought?’ by James MacDonald mentions the requirement of trees to prevent drought. The plantation of trees forms an important part of the conservation of the environment and its components especially an indispensable resource such as water.

The tree species planted here include Bamboo (Bambusa arundinacea) and Teak (Tectona grandis).

Animal species include tiger, chital, gaur, sambar can be mentioned as the dominant animal species of the region.

Indian rivers are heavily dependent on the Indian rainfall. The Narmada river is an important river in the Indian subcontinent. Due to the uncertainty of this rainfall the flow of the river varies causing various complications in the lives of the people dependent on the river.  The effects of climate change and soil erosion has further reduced the capacity of the soil to absorb and retain water. Plantation of trees will improve the water retaining capacity of the soil and break the force of the water reaching the soil. This will prevent soil erosion thus improving the soil structure and water retaining capacity of the soil and improving the agricultural production in the long run. The trees will also provide NTFPs to the community thus diversifying the livelihood opportunities of the people. Trees will also help regulate the environment by sequestering carbon and releasing oxygen. They will aid in disaster mitigation protecting the animals and communities resident on the banks.

Adoption Summary

Name of the Company Number of Trees Adopted       Year
HDB Financial Services            50,000 trees     FY 2017-18
  • 100,000
  • 90,000
  • 10,000
Audit data will be updated shortly


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