About Trees

The Generosity of Trees
Incredible Facts About Trees
Fascinating Facts About Trees

    There are about 20,000 tree species in the world. India has one of the largest tree treasuries in the world followed by the US.
    No tree dies of old age. They are generally killed by insects, disease or by people. California Bristlecone Pines and Giant Sequoias are regarded as the oldest trees and have been known to live 4,000 to 5,000 years.
    Trees grow from the top, not from the bottom as is commonly believed.
    Trees receive an estimated 90% of their nutrition from the atmosphere and only 10% from the soil.
    About one-half the weight of dry wood is carbon.
    In ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq), the value of wood was equal to that of precious gemstones and metals.
    Rome’s monetary system was based on silver which required huge quantities of wood to convert ore into metal.
    Dendrochronology is the science of calculating a tree's age by its rings.
    Tree rings provide precise information about environmental events, including volcanic eruptions.

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